Matt & Michele Odyssey

Destination: Hickory Nut Gap Farms

May 23, 2022 Matt Mittan / Jamie Ager
Matt & Michele Odyssey
Destination: Hickory Nut Gap Farms
Show Notes

(We take a behind the scenes look with studio guest: Jamie Ager, Owner)

From the company:

Hickory Nut Gap has a rich legacy of food, family, and community on a fifth generation family farm that has been in the same family since 1916. Today, we are proudly helping cultivate a new Appalachian movement. One that combines the richness of our unique Appalachian terroir (soil, water, micro-climate, pasture & forest) with the historic craft-maker culture of the region. We respect nature and humans and the interconnectedness of life. We operate our farms with respect for our land, our animals and the farmer communities who raise them. We respect the relationships we have with partners across the entire farm-to-home journey – and for our customers who seek our brand promise with intention.

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To schedule a group tour of the Farm in Fairview visit

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