Matt & Michele Odyssey

Destination: French Broad River Festival

October 08, 2021 Matt Mittan / Michele Scheve / Sid Border / Tyler Donalson
Matt & Michele Odyssey
Destination: French Broad River Festival
Show Notes

Over 20 years ago, a group of boaters thought they would have a raft race and enjoy some music with some friends. Everyone had a good time, so they did it again, and then again. Friends told friends, and it grew into the festival we all know and love today.

In this episode:
- Matt & Michele give their thoughts, highlights and impressions.
- Guest: Sid Border, Co-Founder/Co-Organizer of the FBRF
- Guest: Tyler Donaldson with French Broad Adventures

To find out more about the Festival, and to plan on being at the next one, visit

To book a trip with French Broad Adventures, visit

- Matt & Michele also conducted numerous backstage interviews with Artists at the Festival on behalf of
Buzz Radio Asheville. Check out podcasts HERE.

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